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Coach Heading To ESPN

Jonathan Coachman’s current WWE contract will expire in the next eight weeks, and he already has his next full time gig lined up.

The Coach has been hired by ESPN as an anchorman. Coach is expected to put time in on "SportsCenter" (The flagship program at ESPN) and continue calling games for the MSG Network and for CBS College Sports (mainly football and basketball).

Coach, a graduate of McPherson College in Kansas is still the school’s all time leading scorer, rebounder, and assists leader.

Many were surprised when the vanilla heel Coach was placed alongside Michael Cole. Many saw it as a typical WWE ploy – ‘to make em jump off the ship before they’re pushed’. Coachman was not set up for success. He was asked to fill the shoes of JBL (which as a colour commentator were huge) when his more natural role would be that of a babyface play by play man (a job he did reasonably well years ago on "Sunday Night Heat").

Coach’s first WWE appearance was in December of 1999 when he started an on-air relationship with The Rock that provided plenty of lasting memories.

Coach was also the reason for one of the most famous No-Shows in Fed History. At the 2005 Taboo Tuesday PPV, Coach was booked to go over on Steve Austin. Stone Cold hated the idea and refused to come to work. Coach was then destroyed by Batista who took the Rattlesnake’s place.

Jonathan Coachman was recently replaced as “SmackDown!” announcer by former WWF Champion Mick Foley. Part of the reason is because the office wasn’t happy with his performance, and the other part is because Coach wasn’t being very discreet in telling the boys he wanted to leave as soon as his contract expired.

Congratulations to Coachman on this major career move.

7 comments: on "Coach Heading To ESPN"

Anonymous said...

how big of a career move is it?

regardless im going to miss coach saw him for many years, him and his little annoying voice, oh well its not like he was getting joked on a lot recently.
by the way whatever happened to the guy from tough enough where he was backstage interviewer?

BigDaddy said...

How big a career move? From cable tv on niche programming to a featured role on the biggest network family in broadcasting?

B4 said...

This is a good thing for all involved. Coach is not a bad PBP guy, just not very good at calling wrestling. It gives us a better guy on Smackdown (though, Mick needs some polishing) and gives Coach a chance to make it big in areas he's more comfortable.

I say good luck to him in his future endeavors, but unlike the E, I mean it.

the CAVEMAN said...

I had the pleasure of him calling a football game at my college and I honestly have to say it wasn't that great. He is to monotone, he needs to learn how to spice it up in my opinion.

BigDaddy said...

When did he call that game at your college? I'm thinking the E spiced him up a little --

the CAVEMAN said...

this last fall

the CAVEMAN said...

August 30th 2007 for CBS College Sports