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Tha Raw Report: Behold Tha King

Back in 2002, WWE did away with its annual King Of The Ring pay-per-view (possibly to avoid copyright laws following the release of Big Daddy Donnie's less than stellar rap album, King Of The Bling). It seemed like we would never again see the fabled tournament. However, in 2006, we saw the revival of the tournament, seemingly brought back in an effort to repackage Booker T as the eventually successful King Booker.

However, following the rise and fall of King Booker, it once again seemed like we had seen the last of the tournament. That is, until this week, when the wrestling world's collective anticipation came to a head like a nightstick to the head, as last night, King Of The Ring returned.

Last night seemed very reminiscent of the old style King Of The Ring, which I give WWE credit for. Instead of having multiple rounds prior to the payoff night, which was the set-up in the latter KOTR tournaments, the entire event was held in one night. While I usually hate the cheesy storytelling of JR, I agree with what he said that there's an extra level on intrigue when the entire tournament takes place in one night.

The tournament gave us several good matches, and will hopefully lead to some sort of majoy story arc for the winner, so I literally have no complaints about how they ran this. I think many fans have forgotten (or have never seen) just how good William Regal is in the ring, so hopefully these last two weeks will show that to fans and ultimately be the catalyst in him getting a major push.

Speaking of getting a push, Carlito and Santino seem primed to take the tag team titles off of Rhodes and Holly. And not a moment too soon, I might add, because while Santino is gold on the mic, Cody Rhodes is not. I thought his promo was decent, but nothing stellar, and nowhere near as good as something his old man could cut.

As long as I'm applauding the E in this article, I might as well applaud them for having the 2008 Presidential candidates on the show last night. I realize that "Raw" is viewed worldwide, so most countries don't care, but honest to God, there are people in this country who are registered to vote who didn't even know there was a Presidential election this year. So yes, the speeches were hilariously lame, but at least the E is still trying to get people more active in voting, which is good.

The Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton match I'd have normally shit on, but I was so damn impressed by what I'd seen so far in King Of The Ring action that I just sat back and laughed at how ludicrously bad it was. Poor Umaga though. You can't come up with anything better than for him to beat up two people dressed up like the Democratic candidates?

Getting back to applauding the E for being socially responsible, they also had a little segment where WWE encouraged students to read more. This is kind of PR stuff that WWE needs to focus on. They've spent so much of the past year just trying to cover things up and sweep all the negativity under the rug, but in reality, if they want to make themselves look good, more community outreach is the kind of stuff they should be doing.

Shawn Michaels and Batista had a bad promo last night. Let me clarify that. The promo was good, but so inconsistent with what we've been given the past few weeks. At first, Batista gets bent out of shape because he thinks that Michaels screwed Flair. They go back and forth about that for a few weeks. Then suddenly, last night, we hear "This has nothing to do with Ric Flair." Cue me some drunk Austin fans. What?

WWE, you have just told us that the hot promos that we watched over the past several weeks were for nothing. They were getting mad and having real, legitimate heat, then we find out that they weren't really hot over what they claimed to be. Weak.

The main event last night featured the 8 men from the three World Championship matches at this Sunday's Backlash. I was critial when we saw 8 man matches every time in the past few months, but apparently it now seems that these large matches are the E's style provided it's not the night of Survivor Series. I could understand doing just a tag match between the competitors in the "Raw" title match, but can't you promote the other title matches on their respective shows?

I was more excited about last night's King Of The Ring tournament than I currently am about Backlash, which should tell you something about just how compellingly the card has been put together.

The Results:
Chris Jericho def. MVP in a KOTR Quarterfinal
CM Punk def. Matt Hardy in a KOTR Quarterfinal
Finlay def. The Great Khali by DQ in a KOTR Quarterfinal
William Regal def. Hornswoggle in a KOTR Quarterfinal
CM Punk def. Chris Jericho in a KOTR Semifinal
William Regal def. Finlay in a KOTR Semifinal
William Regal def. CM Punk to become King Of The Ring
Carlito def. Hardcore Holly
Sen. Hillary Clinton vs. Sen. Barack Obama fought to a No contest
Randy Orton, JBL, Edge and Chavo Guerrero def. Triple H, John Cena, Kane and Undertaker

12 comments: on "Tha Raw Report: Behold Tha King"

B4 said...

Props to Donnie for booking the King of The Ring. Didn't know he was working for the E. I just hope he didn't book the rest of the show, because the promos and the Obama/Hilrod thing were the shits. Still, the KotR made the show for me. All Hail King Regal!!!! All Hail King Regal!!!! All Hail King Regal!!!!

Politicians dont know Kayfabe.

Anonymous said...

Christ, can it be, a foreigner has actually won one of WWE's big events, someone must have given the wrong storyline to Regal! great to see him get some notice there at SS WWE, well done King Regal, god save the King!

srr said...

what do you mean foreigner? there have been non americans won the kotr.

i agree cody might not be as good like dusty. but i think he might grow with time he did show emotion and the crowd got begin him, so maybe he is a good talker but doing anything. like in the hall of fame i was really into what he was talking. but thats just me.

Anonymous said...

I laughed last week at Donnies suggestion o f Regal.I w as shocked last night!

Shammy_D said...

I only just got the chance to listen to Tha O Show Radio today and couldn’t believe that Donnie called the KotR result! I’ve not had a chance to see RAW as my DVR messed up so I’ll have to catch the repeat but it doesn’t seem like Mr Kennedy was even on the show never mind in the KotR!! Was up wi that!!!

Anonymous said...

I thought the idea of Regal winning was another smark-wish that was about as likely as Cena learning how to wrestle.

My jaw hit the floor when Regal was IN THE TOURNAMENT. When his first opponent was Hornswoggle I knew the fix was in.

I'm thinking someone must have tipped Donnie off to this one.

Metal God said...

I'm as big a Regal mark as any of you, and I thought I would be satisfied with either him or Punk being named KOTR. Yet I was a bit disappointed when he won. Even though he was arguably the best WRESTLER in the thing, let's face it: he beat a midget and a cripple to get the to final where he faced a guy who had taken quite a beating throughout the night. Plus he hasn't won a match on TV in god knows how long, so it just didn't seem right. Hopefully they'll let him run with it a la Angle or Booker. There is gold in nto only giving Regal more screen time to do his thing, but also in having a king run the show on RAW.

David said...

Regal's going to be King of ALL the WWE, if you listen to the brodcast. I think he's going to "shake things up a bit" in place of a draft lottery.

Jeter said...

Come on! The man had to job out to Orton in his home country. The least the E can do is let him win KotR and let it go nowhere.

I mean it's not like Vince is going to pick up where WCW left off with the Regal/Finlay feud.

Downtown said...

Does anyone know what it means to "job out"? You don't "job out" to the champ? If anything that match should've lit some lightbulbs and had you thinking Regal was going to win the KOTR. He practically owned Orton in that match. All Hail King Regal!

Shammy_D said...

All Hail King Regal!!!

I don't know how well the scottish english divide is known in the states and Canada but it's a pretty big thing here but I don't care.... I may be Scottish but....


Dante Ross said...

Regal winning the KOTR was fucking great. I love that one week he can damn near kill Orton and then win the tourney. The image of him on the throne looking evil as fuck was great.

Was it just me or was the Punk/Y2J match just sloppy as hell?

Good show and I hope that SD can follow suit.