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Extreme Edition

O-sters, I haven't really watched ECW lately. In fact, for the most part, over the past twelve calendar months, as it pertains to ECW, if I didn't write the review on here, then I didn't watch it.

Last night gave me a reminder of why I don't normally like watching ECW. Last night's show was so bad that the biggest highlights all centered around commentators.

Shelton Benjamin took on Kofi Kingston in a rematch last night. I thought this was a decent match. I don't get why Benjamin is relegated to pulling the curtain on the C show, though. I know that certain people are going to say "Well, he'll never make the company money", but let's be serious here. Since when does the E give a shit about ANYONE on ECW making them money? I'm not saying have the brother headlining a WrestleMania, but give him more shine on Tuesday nights, because he's a tremendous worker and he deserves it.

And, if nothing else, it'll shut The Black Prophet up. Speaking of which, whatever happened to that White Profit guy from a few weeks ago? I liked his style.

Mike Knox blows, people. I'd like to look at the bright side here, but I'm convinced that there isn't one. I'm guessing he's getting matches against guys like Stevie Richards and Tommy Dreamer in hopes of sharpening his in ring skills, but you can't sharpen a marble.

Tommy Dreamer's protege, Colin Delaney, will have a match next week against Armando Alejandro Estrada. This moves reeks of someone in Stamford listening to Tha O Show last week and doing this as a big "fuck you" to Big Daddy Donnie. Oh, well. I like Colin Delaney, I think he has a certain underdog charisma about him (you know, the kind that they want you to think Rey Mysterio has), and I like how his storyline has played out.

The returning Mick Foley made an appearance on ECW last night on Matt Striker's classroom. I'm not sure what purpose this segment served other than to pop the crowd and keep Striker on television while Big Daddy V is out losing some weight. I wonder...if he doesn't lose enough weight, will the E refer to him as Big Fatty V? I digress. It's good to see Foley back, because he can cut a promo like nobody's business, and I think he will do very well as a color commentator.

The CM Punk "I can't get a clean win if my life depended on it" tour continued last night, as he beat Chuck Palumbo by disqualification. Wow. Are you fucking serious? The guy who went over in Money In The Bank earlier this year. The guy who we've been conditioned to believe will win a World Championship before next WrestleMania. This guy is the same guy who isn't being allowed to go over clean on an assclown like Chuck Palumbo? Give me a fucking break. Do better, E.

Before the main event, Mike Admale and "The Tazz" (which is the only Mike-Up that I care to recall) walked out of the arena. I swear, this was the highlight of the night. I realize that some people were starting to like Adamle because of how hilariously bad he was, but I really can't stand him. The main event was actually better without Adamle putting over Kane, the "WEDF" Champion.

I'm not sure why Chavo picked up the win. This storyline has generated little fan interest, and Chavo does not deserve this spot, especially with guys like Shelton Benjamin, CM Punk, John Morrison, and Tommy Dreamer on that show. I'd rather have seen Kane pick up a dominating win to end this storyline and start fresh.

Tha Results:
Kofi Kingston def. Shelton Benjamin
Mike Knox def. Tommy Dreamer
CM Punk def. Chuck Palumbo by DQ
Chavo Guerrero & Bam Neely def. Kane

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Where is the love? said...

I've seen people talk about negativity on this article before, but DAMN, you really are negative.

Step away from the ledge asshole, otherwise you'll have all of us jumping with you to make sure, if you don't hit on impact we'll crush you.

Christopher Casúr said...

Wow. Tell you what, do me a favor. Instead of telling me about how negative I am in one article, take a look at this site as a whole. Look at what other people have to say about this and other shows. You may notice a pattern, and there's a pretty good reason for that. ECW is not a show that puts out a whole lot to write home about.

I'd love to sit around and live in your little "everything is wonderful and I ejaculate sunshine" fantasy world, but it's not the way things are. When something is bad, I call it. And when something is routinely bad, a lot of people will call it frequently. I notice that you seem angsty about my negative review, but offered nothing positive that you saw about the show, which begs the question of whether you really seek intellectual discussion or are just looking for attention.

By the way, a negative report is by no means an indicator of suicidal tendencies, but if you'd like to kill yourself over an opinion article, by all means, I'll be happy to nominate you for a Darwin award after the fact.

Shammy_D said...

Well said Mr Casur!!!

dun said...

this article reminds me of those angry smart marks who just hate.

what is wrong with chavo? is it his angle what hes doing? he is a good worker and i think he deserves a spot at something.

having punk lose is cool this smells of an angle to elevate him in a way later on.

and yea comparing this article to the website where better people wrote on is stupid. look at donnies articles. sure nigga hates on stuff but he says why and how it doesnt work for that specific thing. You just get mad and say that tehy dont need to be in that position and insert what wrestler should bein what you want. nigga please

D.J.B. said...

I think there is an ECW nazi out there who just waits on something negative to pounce on. I bet he's overweight.

Christopher Casúr said...

You're absolutely right, I do nothing but hate. I'm nothing like the guy who wrote that positive review of Raw last night, or the guy who for the better part of the beginning of 2007 tried to do nothing but focus on the positives on TNA.

Oh, wait...those were written by me. Did I just blow your whole theory of me doing nothing but hating? I think I did. The fact that you say I just hate smacks of you replying without reading any of my other articles.

I don't like Chavo because I think he is bland. His best run ever was when he was Cruiserweight Champion back in 2004. Since then, however, he's been given that belt several unnecessary times, and these days, most of his offense blatantly smacks of his uncle Eddie. I'm an angry guy because I think guys like Shelton Benjamin and Elijah Burke would be a better fit for a main event role? You're out of your fucking mind. Oh, wait! I do nothing but hate, so logically, I must not think that Benjamin and Burke deserve that spot either. Idiot.

Doing nothing but job out is good sometimes to elevate a worker, but usually is he's bound for a turn. CM Punk is not turning heel anytime soon. Not to mention, he's rightfully a number one contender for any championship. Your logic is accurate but misplaced.

Let me also say that if you don't watch angles and think of ways that it would be better or more compelling, you are not a true wrestling fan. Every wrestling fan does their own little mini fantasy bookings in their head from time to time, and if you don't, but rather quietly accept what the E puts out as being the best, then I truly pity you.

dun said...

hmm don't remember you from early 2007. anyway..........

"fantasy bookings" doesn't always make you a "true wrestling fan" people who don't always watch wrestling and randomly see a show make their their own matches or put shit into something, doesn't make them a "true wrestling fan".

i think Elijah is bland chavo is more better character from what we have, even if there are more niggas better than chavo doesn't matter this is what we have live with it

you don't have to turn punk to make the angle work.

lastly nigga, if you just do reviews as you job when you haven't been watching throughout the whole year then i expected this shit. and i was right.
im still standing by this article reminding me of those smarks doing nothing but hate.
meaning im talking about this not your other 5 star raw and positive tna articles.
you still didn't convince me of thinking other wise.

Christopher Casúr said...

You really mean to tell me you've never in your life seen or watched anything and thought of cool ways to improve it? Come on.

Chavo and Elijah, difference of opinion. I don't like Chavo's work or his mic skills. I think the addition of a bodyguard will add an extra dimension to his character, but I don't think he's a main event caliber wrestler. And this is an opinion article. Not liking what's on the main event is not blindly hating. Bear in mind, ECW is WWE's third rate show, so it's where they keep a lot of guys to keep them from going to TNA. The side effect of that is, you get a lot of shit on the show.

I don't understand how you can attempt to accuse me of being, or say that I remind you of a "smark who just blindly hates" while still acknowledging that I'm positive about other things. That means I clearly am not blindly hating. If it reminds you of that, I certainly can't change your mind, however, so agree to disagree.

For the record, by no means do I hate ECW. My not watching it is moreso a product of schedule issues than anything else. I think they're got a lot of great talent and they have the potential to do some really dynamite stuff with that show. I just think that there's a poor attitude by WWE top brass about ECW, and therefore the time and effort isn't being allowed to be put in backstage, and the show quality suffers consequently.

dun said...

what i meant about the smark just hating remark. is that i see that in other websites, just niggas putting over their favorite indy wrestler and hate the fed product and shit on it.

but its different now that you wrote that above.

we cant change all of our views on things. so yea agree to disagree.
no hard feelings my nigga.