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Backlash: Huh?

Last night's WWE pay-per-view Backlash didn't exaclty live up to its predessecor, WrestleMania XXIV, of course...but then again, how could it? There was a lot of unexplainable phenomena that took place during the course of this show.

Why have a 12-Diva tag match and NOT a Women's title match? Was Beth's win last night, in any way, a measure of revenge for her loss to Mickie James recently? Better yet, how about having a World Tag Team title match considering that Santino and Carlito were recently named #1 Condenters?

Oh here's an about having a PPV where the friggin' Intercontinental title is up for grabs? You know, as opposed to having the IC champ referee a damn which he calls it STRAIGHT down the middle and has ZERO impact on the finish, let alone the storyline.

HOWEVER...major O for replacing Coach with Mick Foley as the colour commentator on "SmackDown!". What a difference. Foley was able to add insight and intrigue to matches that Jonathan Coachman couldn't dream of doing. For example, explaining that once injuring a knee - as Matt Hardy did - you will never be 100% again. Foley's many injuries and other experiences in the ring - not to mention his witty humour - will improve the SD! broadcast a thousandfold!

Matt Hardy finally got his measure of revenge against MVP by capturing the United States Championship. Now I recognize that Matt had been hurt for a few months but did anyone else feel like his U.S. title reign should have happened months ago or not at all?

I've always been a Hardy Boyz mark but I just feel that this storyline fizzled out a while ago. Yes, it made sense for Matt to come back and feud with MVP...but as Big Daddy Donnie always likes to say...(it's the booker in him) "the money" is with keeping the strap on MVP.

Matt Hardy may have been "better" than Montavious Porter last night, but he certainly isn't more entertaining. Hardy with the U.S. gold reeks of...well, just about ANYONE with the IC strap. It's no big deal. Perhaps, however, this is the beginning of a main event push for MVP...which, in that case, I'm popping for.

Kane defeated Chavo Guerrero with yet, another choke slam. Thankfully, this match lasted longer than their 'Mania encounter. However, if Donnie were writing this piece, he would have began that last sentence with "unfortunately". I like Chavo...but don't love him like I did Eddie.

Donnie, on the other hand, hates the guy. That being said, I haven't really bought into any real feud between Chavo and Kane. We've been taught...ah hell, we can see it for ourselves...Chavito is no match for the Big Red Machine. If Kane is to add some "legitimacy" to the ECW world title, he's gotta be frying bigger fish. And I don't mean the Big Shows and Great Khalis of the world, just main event worthy-cats.

Speaking of those aforementioned giants, their match was surprisingly better than...being the shits. I was also surprised by how much Khali dominated the match. As a result, Show's win at the end almost looked flukey as Donnie pointed out. Not that we expected chain wrestling of any kind...but a bigger brawl between behemoths seemed to be what this match called for.

Instead, believe or not, it appeared as if Khali (of all people!) took Show to wrestling school with wear-down moves and takedown holds until Show caught Khali in the end.

Speaking of all-match domination, HBK took Batista to the woodshed last night. While this was a realistic portrayal of masterful worker teaching jabroni, we sat watching in fear of a Batista victory. Surely, Shawn couldn't be so in control for the whole match. Classic WWE booking sees the guy in control coming up short in the end, right?

I loved, as always, seeing Shawn show us shit we've never seen before. This match was MMA-like with his numerous armbars and submission attempts. HBK is always a pleasure to watch.

And then he goes over! Screw you Dave. If that doesn't turn Batista heel, then what will? Thumbs up here. (If I was white, I'm sure some sort of joke about thumbs in asses would be appropriate here. I'll let y'all work that out for yourselves).

Undertaker over Edge. This match, I enjoyed even more than their 'Mania encounter. Somehow, there was a better flow of back and forth, false finishes and near pins that really intrigued me.

Did I see The Undertaker attempt to deliver a flying elbow drop from the top rope? Damn! Just like HBK did in his match with Batista, the veteran Taker always seems to never be out of dope shit to add to his arsenal.

And while WWE retardedly hasn't figured out a name for Taker's submission finisher (it's officially the "Gogoplata" by the way) - they could easily call it the "Death Sentence" or something, I think Mick Foley even said that - I love how this move is now part of The Undertaker's repetoire.

Like the HBK lipreading from 'Mania, the E continued to put over Taker's "I'm going to hurt you" promise mouthed to Edge at the beginning of the match. Have you ever seen a whisper replayed in WWE history other than the two I just mentioned? Seems like a new schtick the E is trying to utilize. And I dig it.

Hurt Edge he did. Carrying a bloody-mouthed Edge out on a stretcher was a nice touch. Edge is an awesome seller and he put over Taker's Death Sentence (fuck it, I'm calling it that) amazingly.

I'mma go through the 'main event' quickly.

JBL taps out to an ever-worsening STFU. (For the record, let me just get this out 'cause it's been a while since I've written about him - John Cena fuckin' sucks). Okay fine.

Cena gets kicked in the head and gets pinned by Orton. Totally fine.

But Triple H then goes on to become the new WWE Champion? For the 12th time?? WHY???

Orton - who may be in the running for the E's best seller, I love how he takes bumps like he's lost all ability to control his motor skills - should still be champ.

Orton - whose facial expressions and promo cutting abilities have improved by leaps and bounds over the past year - should still be champ.

Orton - whose finisher looks like it SHOULD keep an opponent down for a count of three - should still be champ.

Now, that was an FU diss, not a stab at The Pedigree. At least Cena didn't win last night. But Triple H as champ is way too 'been there, done that' and feels unnecessary. Does he really need this push? Are the fans behind him THAT much? Is he trying to overtake Ric Flair's record of 16 world title reigns?

Is Stephanie's pussy all that good? (Sorry, thinking out loud there).

Tha Results:
Triple H def. Randy Orton, John Cena and JBL in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match to become the new WWE Champion
World Heavyweight Champion Undertaker def. Edge
Matt Hardy def. MVP to become the new U.S. Champion
Big Show def. The Great Khali
ECW Champion Kane def. Chavo Guerrero
Shawn Michaels def. Batista
Beth Phoenix got the pin for her team to win the 12-Diva tag match

9 comments: on "Backlash: Huh?"

D.J.B. said...

Triple H has been pushing for a run with the WWE Championship for a while now, and he finally got it. At the expense of one of the better reigns in the last several years. The only positive I can see coming from this is William Regal and Triple H putting on some damn good matches, with Regal being one of H's buddies he may get in some really good offense.

Thing is, you're right about Triple H. He's just there to keep adding numbers to his reign. Only die-hard Triple H marks popped for this win. It doesn't accomplish anything. The order of elimination didn't bother me that bad and the H/Cena submission on JBL/Orton was a pretty good spot.

Taker vs. Edge was once again one of the better PPV main events I've seen. I wish there was a way that these two could keep their feud going to ensure that they could keep their spots at the top of the card.

If Kane's run is to legitimize the belt more, I'm fine with that. If it's just to get Kane a run with a belt to give him some sort of pat on the back I'm fine with that. If he and Chavo can put on one more match like they put on last night, I'd be more than happy to watch it. I thought that given the two of them, that was a damn good match.

Michaels and Batista was also very good. I don't know what purpose having Jericho as the referee served, but I'm sure somewhere sombody knows the logic behind it. There were two moments of physicality, and I guess they could turn Bati into a full fledged heel by having him attack Jericho, but Jericho has been riding the tweener line for a while now.

Shammy_D said...

I know it's not very Backlash related but the following was just posted on

"WWE has come to terms on the release of SmackDown Superstar Dave Taylor as of today, April 28, 2008. We wish Dave the best in all his future endeavors."

I can't say i'm very shocked, he's not bben on T.V since the short stint managing Drew (McIntyre) Galloway.

Also another report has surfaced saying Al Barone has been hired as Santino's bodyguard. We all knew that Santino was keen for this but this is the first report I've read which actually says he's been hired.

mach23 said...

More than 1 crippler crossface in one night!!!!!!!!!!! Orton should have won but all else was good

B4 said...

Dan-e-o, I agree with you more often than Donnie, but to me MVP doesn't need the US belt anymore. It's wasting the title (ala IC belt on Jericho). Hardy is very over (actually seems more so than he has for a long time) and can use this win to elevate some other talent on the Smackdown roster. MVP really hasn't been in his role and shouldn't based on his gimmick. I think it's good for both of them.

The women's matches are never good in the WWknee and probably never be again other than an occasion Mickie vs. heel female worker match. They are piss breaks.

The Kahli/Show match was better than I expected. Kahli not killing anyone with sloppiness is a good thing.

Anyone really surprised H went over? Hunter can now not feel as sexually inadequate like a bald guy with a mustang. I'm sure with the juice H has taken over the years, Stephanie didn't even know she had sex to get pregnant again.

Undertaker and Edge have gotten more of a comfort level working one another since Mania and it shows. They could keep the angle going and these two can keep it interesting for months.

Shawn carried another broomstick. Good for him. Jericho was about as he has been since returning in teh first place. He gets to move to Smackdown and be Dave's bitch for awhile.

Can we get Foley to do both ECW and Smackdown so we can get rid of all the dead weight on PBP? No? Well, one gone is better than nothing.

Average PPV and that's not saying much.

Christopher Casúr said...

MVP vs. Matt Hardy-
I stand by what I have written in SmackDown! recaps over the past month. Yes, this was overdue, but it wasn't really the E's fault, per se. Chalk it up to shitty timing, but I still think they managed to make the most of it. Hardy's finally getting a rub that won't end in him looking like a jabrone, and MVP can now start to transition into the main event without putting under the big belt (a la Jeff Harvey).

Kane vs. Chavo-
This was the blowoff, at least if WWE was smart. Chavo has nothing to offer in his current role. Thanks for coming, Chavo, now go home.

Khali vs. Show-
Well, what do you want me to say? One of the best big men of all time against one of the worst. They did everything they could to make this match not scream clusterfuck, and it worked well enough, I suppose.

Shawn Michaels vs. Bootista-
I think this match was very well played out. I thought a close loss would fuel Bati's heel turn, but the more I think about it, I like what they did. Have him get taken to the woodshed by one of the all-time greats, that'll really make him angry. I agree that Jericho served no purpose.

12-Diva Match-
This made no sense whatsoever, but fuck it, it was a well-timed piss break.

Undertaker vs. Edge-
A lot of people on this site could go on about how great this match was, so I'll keep this succinct. Fucking dope match. I hate the fact that Edge is being held responsible for getting five guys over by himself, but if this is the payoff we get, I'll keep quiet about that.

Fatal Four-Way-
Orton was the best choice to keep the strap, especially with how many faces went over on this card. I'm on the fence about Triple H winning it. Yeah, he's a cocksucker who has a massive ego and uses his political position to do as he pleases when it relates to his character, and we all know a guy who tried that from a previous era (*cough*Bret Hart*cough*), but he's still a damn good worker and hopefully he'll turn heel soon enough.

Oh yeah, and...

BigDaddy said...


how is Matt Hardy as champ going to elevate talent on SmackDown! Please name these talents that are in need of Matt Hardy's rub as U.S. Champion.

There is NO MONEY in Hardy as a U.S. Champ. Is he over? Yes. Will he ever be a top tier main eventer in this company? No.

Therefore, he should fall into the category of so many of those 80s superstars who were over for life but never NEEDED a belt - like Piper, Jake Roberts, Duggan, DiBiase, etc etc.

Christopher Casúr said...

I think Hardy being the champ is good for Hardy, but not for young guys. Hardy can't really give anybody a rub. They probably don't want it either.

Hell, his own wife didn't want a rub from him.

BigDaddy said...

It's good for Hardy cuz he's a belt mark - but does it help his character one bit?


Anonymous said...

Hardy wont make the Fed money?

4 of the top 10 items on wweshopzone are Hardy's items. The Twist of Fate DVD is already flying off the shelves, and he's mega over, there are more Hardy signs in arena's than anything else, and people even bought those ass-ugly "I Will Not Die" t-shirts.