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Tuesday Night Turmoil: Tha Countdown

Tonight’s broadcast of ECW advertised more of the same from the overbooking we’ve seen on “Raw” over the past few weeks. Instead of an eight man tag team match, or two men on the roster, we get a 24 man tag team match.

Also unadvertised and announced on the show was a non-title match between Tommy Dreamer and Chavo Guerrero. We also get Money in the Bank preview match. Money in the Bank preview matches make my head hurt.

Sure they're good workers, what about injuries? Can you afford to lose another guy?

I’m guessing the point of the 24 man tag team match was to put over the 24 man battle royal at WrestleMania XXIV, but the interest in the Thrown Together Battle Royal for a shot at the ECW Championship is on the level of the interest in the Buffalo Bills. Nobody expects much so a few good moments will elicit an O.

Colin Delaney did an awful lot by doing nothing in the back. He proved a point in Tommy Dreamer’s promo. Tommy Dreamer and Chavo may not have cut a great promo, because they both flubbed lines, but they got their point across verbal mistakes or not.

Chavo isn’t a bad champion. As a matter of fact he plays up heel champion quite well. I have been surprised by his clean victories, but I haven’t been disappointed as far as the reign goes. He is unwilling to defend, he loves having backup and he’s obsessed with his championship.

It bears repeating folks. Shelton Benjamin needs a bigger push. Block out the commentary, put it on mute, do something, but go back and watch the match he and Carlito worked. It wasn’t a five star classic, but it was a damn good match. The MitB qualifiers irritate me, but that match stood alone.

Had that match been under its own merit instead of that gimmick hung over it, it’d have been much better, which is why I said mute it. Tazz was rambling and Joey Styles was talking about the match, but of course they rambled about Money in the Bank.

I’m going to take a second away from reporting on the show completely, and focus in on this weeks Hall Of Fame inductee. Gordon Solie. The name speaks for itself, and his voice speaks for four decades of wrestling.

As a guy who didn’t grow up during the Solie era of announcing all I have are the tapes and DVD’s. Watching those matches with his announcing adds something more to them. He brought, at least to me an air of sophistication to the product.

He made it believable. Every time you hear an announcer talk about the “crimson mask,” or a “pier six brawl,” and when you hear lariat instead of clothesline, that’s why. Jim Ross will be the man doing the honors, and for good reason. For all the hate directed towards JR, he has pushed for this for quite some time.

The Stevie Richards/Mike Knox story is one of those that may go somewhere. Stevie is solid, and Knox still has a long way to go, but Stevie can make a feud work. WWE has dropped the ball on Stevie before, and I hope they don’t do it again. Kelly and Layla presented themselves nicely in the ring tonight. They didn’t wrestle half bad either.

Tommy Dreamer and Chavo as a lumberjack match didn’t do much for me. I understand the 23 dudes outside the ring have a vested interest. They would have had it been for the strap anyway. After Chavo got another win with a Frog Splash, we got the gratuitous 25 man brawl in the middle of the ring to send ECW into Mania.

That’s nothing new to me, but with Snitsky getting the upper hand and winning the “tag team” match, is it a sign that he’ll go over and a get a run with the ECW strap? I hope not. How would the E justify a guy going over 23 other dudes and then winning the title? Simple, they don’t have to.

Since the gimmick royal is right before the match, I’m thinking Chavo retains, but I’m also thinking this is the WWE and there is no logic when it comes to WWE.

Tha Results…
*Snitsky wins 24-man tag team match
*Shelton Benjamin def. Carlito
*Mike Knox & Layla def. Stevie Richards & Kelly
*Chavo Guerrero def. Tommy Dreamer

3 comments: on "Tuesday Night Turmoil: Tha Countdown"

mach23 said...

I think Carlito should go on is it that they have the same amount of matchs on Raw(2hour) that they did with Ecw(1 hour) this week and its the week going into mania? Raw should have atleast 6 matches and Ecw has been more entertaining then Raw for the past couple weeks in My opinion.

nyknicks said...

why does sci fi bother to keep ecw if it isnt any extreme with heymen and wrestlers from other brands are being used more then the ecw ones on ecw

Dustin Wood said...

Hey O-sters!
I loved ECW last night, in fact, ive loved watching ECW for the last year. Ive come to terms with the fact that it's not the old ECW, but im ok with that because when you do see a ''Extream Rules'' match it has a special feel and not just another match with kendo sticks.
It sucks not seeing CM Punk last night because he is always the O of the night. I did enjoy the 24 man tag team match. I loved the spot with everybody doing there respective flips out of the ring...oh btw...can somebody please get Jamie Noble a leather strap with some gold on it!
In a perfect ''Dustin Wood books ECW'' world this is how I would book the battle royal/title match. First off I would NOT move the battle royal to annoys me...move boring-mania with the divas on there, but then again if they did that I wouldnt have a piss break before the main event lol.
So anyways, first thing i would do is have a vince mcmahon promo backstage with HHH, throw in there anual ''were related but lets joke about it on air because the fans are obviously dumb and think its funny to tease that were related'' joke then have JBL come up and re-assure vince that Finlay will be dead 2nite then we will have of all people....KOFI KINGSTON walk up and introduce himself to Vince...after walking away all three say ''who is that?'' then we have Kofi kingston get his ass handed to him the whole match but pull out a win, eliminating Mark Henry. Then we have Chavo have the upper hand the whole match. He hits a frog splash but Kofi rolles it into a pinfall and we have a new ECW champion that is wet behind the ears and has to take on challenger after challenger with little expereience. It's something fresh for ECW that I think could be awesome. Plus Elijah Burke vs. Kofi Kingston gives me a O-gasm.
I loved Shelton vs. Carlito! I can understand why DJB doesnt like the MITB previews but I think they really build the match. I hated the first one when nobody had any real ties to each other besides Benoit and Edge. This one has really built the fact that even though they all want a title shot they all really dont like each other. I could watch Shelton vs. Carlito every week.
The main event was good. I love Chavo as a hell champion. I wanted him to be a champion back in his Kerwin White days...i know...I'm that guy...anyways, i thought ECW did a great job of building up there match for 'Mania.
Dustin Wood
BTW, im writing/directing and starring in my own independent film. If you could check out our film page and add it and whore it out as much as possible it will potentially make me filthy rich. :) lol thanks.