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Tha SmackDown! ThrowDown

To be brutally honest, I didn't pay too much attention to SmackDown! this week. Not necessarily because it was bad, but moreso because the Sabres pulled out a 7-1 win last night. I don't care what show it is, when you're competing for my attention against that, you're going to lose.

However, based on what my frequent channel flipping allowed me to see, I'll go over the show and critique both the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I'm going to start by using evidence to back the John Cena bashers. Those who say "sure, you don't like him, but enough fans must, which makes him good for business". Want proof that WWE doesn't listen to their fans when they boo a face? Floyd Mayweather. Big Show is trying his damndest to get people to hate him (this week, beating up Moore Wang in a handicap match), but I think short of legit going into the crowd and killing someone, he will not be able to top the X-Pac heat that is bombarded on Mayweather. Floyd should be a heel, but nobody backstage seems to care. Much like a certain other person who should be a heel, but never will be.

John Morrison has qualified for Money In The Bank. I'm fine with that; after all, in the past he's been a serviceable main eventer on his show. The problem I have is that he's still one half of the tag team champions. In one match, you now have the Intercontinental title, the United States title, and now the Tag Team titles in limbo on the grandest stage of all. I realize that many people are of the school of thought that WWE has too many belts anyway, but WrestleMania is always longer than other pay-per-views, and there's no reason they can't have hot matches for every title at their biggest show. Well, no reason other than the writers being idiots.

MVP is still the United States Champion after beating Batista last night, and with no payoff in sight, I'm getting bored of him holding that title. Shut up, Black Prophet, I got bored when Benoit held it for too long, too. Even if the champ was white, I'd still be bored with it. The idea was, the payoff with Matt Hardy would happen at WrestleMania. Unfortunately, still no sign of Hardy, so the belt seems to be staying on him indefinitely. I don't like throwing the belt around like a hot potato, but too long of reigns wear on my patience.

Since this is a SmackDown! article, I will not comment on my feelings towards Umaga being used in the SmackDown vs. Raw match, but I will say that as long as Batista is nowhere near a main event, I'm happy.

Khali and Palumbo beat Kane and Jamie Noble last night. Yawn. Palumbo bores me and Khali can't wrestle. These two storylines don't seem to be going anywhere, to boot. I mean, for crying out loud, neither Noble nor Plaumbo ended up with Michelle McCool; wasn't that what they were fighting about?

Speaking of Michelle, she won a "boot camp" contest last night. This contest is starting to look eerily like a Diva Search competition. I'm kinda hoping this replaces that contest this year, and I'm pretty sure I'm not alone. Also, it bears repeating, Cherry is smoking hot.

Of course, the main event meant it was time to watch Edge and the "two Edge guys" join forces at the last second with Chavo Guerrero to take on Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels inside a steel cage. Again, let me shit upon the idea of having a heel stable featuring a world champion and two guys who could be the posterboys for Baskin-Robbins, they epitomize vanilla so damn much.

The match ended with Undertaker showing up and destroying anyone who's not over while Edge escaped the cage. It was a decent spot watching Undertaker try and stop Edge from escaping, at least. I will say that as much as I thought this match was unnecessary, it did help to build the feud between Taker and Edge. Still a shame that they're not playing it up as "streak vs. streak", though.

Tha Results:
*Big Show def. Shannon Moore & Jimmy Wang Yang
*John Morrison def. The Miz (Money in the Bank Qualifying Match)
*Montel Vontavious Porter def. Batista
*Chuck Palumbo & The Great Khali def. Kane & Jamie Noble
*Edge, Curt Hawkins, Zack Ryder & Chavo Guerrero def. Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels in a 4-on-2 Handicap Steel Cage Match

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Anonymous said...

apparently- jeff hardy's situation has gotten worse.
my prayers go out to him.

matt said...

I read that it was supposed to be colt cabana and ace steel doing what the major bros are doing but they used the majors instead cuz they were already on the active roster. Now I'm pissed. That might have been just a liiiiiiiittttttlllllleeeee better

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