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Tito: You're Fired!

Soon to be ex-UFC star, Tito Ortiz was given his walking papers by Donald Trump last night on "Celebrity Apprentice." Tito, who crumbled as Project Manager of his team Empresario, failed to show any kind of leadership and couldn't control the egos of both Omarosa or Stephen Baldwin.

As a faithful watcher of "Celebrity Apprentice" I was curious to see how well Tito would do. Though I didn't expect him to win, I did expect "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" to at least make his presence felt on the show.

Tito, much like in his appearances in TNA, failed to capture anyone's imagination. He was dry, boring, and showed absolutely no personality.

The timing couldn't have been better for Tito. He was going to spend the last few months of his UFC contract showing the world that he is the most recognizable face of Mixed Martial Arts on a hit NBC show. One would think that after having so much network TV exposure, Tito would establish himself as the premier cross-over star he is dying to be.

However, Tito was completely and utterly boring. At no point during the entire season of the show was he a central character. The camera was rarely on him, and when he was on said little to create interest. It was so fitting that on last night's episode, Tito was stumbling and mumbling during a presentation in front of executives from Redbook and Dial Soap.

I think this show did more harm than good for the soon-to-be free agent. Tito was completely exposed as a boring character. If you need more evidence, think back to his appearances for TNA where he was a special guest referee. For some bizarre reason, Tito just can't cut promos unless he's got Joe Rogan in front of him.

Though Tito somehow managed to squander this golden opportunity for mainstream stardom, Lennox Lewis may have just become the most high-profile combat athlete in the world.

If MMA promoters are smart, they would throw some money to Lewis, the real MMA star of "Celebrity Apprentice".

5 comments: on "Tito: You're Fired!"

Jesus said...

I liked how trump said he was the best fighter in the world, I'm sure thats news to randy couture and chuck liddell. And btw, how much do you weigh now you fat fuck? You know I'm not down with gluttony.

Anonymous said...

I have not lost any more weight since the December 1 cut-off, but I haven't gained any either.

For the last 3 months my weight has consistently been between 209-213Lbs.

Dan-e-o said...

Legit...I prefer catching "Survivor" and "The Celebrity Apprentice" every Thursday over "iMPACT!". Sad.

Tito was dry, for a guy who's kicked a lot of ass, he easily got punked out by that bitch of all bitches...Omarosa.

I hate that evil whore.

I'd fuck her though.

Bill the Mark said...

Omarosa tricked his punch-drunk ass into being the project manager. What the fuck does Tito Ortiz know about fucking soap? He should have let Pirece do the promo. Mushroom slap the bitch, Dan-e-o.

Anonymous said...

So Tito got fired from 'The Apprentice'. It could be worse, at least he isn't some wannabe rapper/wrestler or some fat pig and running a wrestling website out of some small hick town in Canada.