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Okay - I'll Book 'Mania Too

My colleague DJB gave it a stab - so hell, why not try to steal his heat and do my own 'Mania booking? I thought about saving this for the radio show this week - but let's face it... fantasy bookings are better read than heard.

So, let's operate under the conceit that I have wiped the slate clean... I'm going to run with some programs / feuds - but for the most part, I'm booking in a way that I think best appeals to the mass audience, while also creating some intrigue for the internet smarks.

WWE Title Match
Cena VS. Orton
Cena has value in the main... but on this nigiht Orton retains. His time is now. You can't see him. His time is now.

World Title
Edge VS. Big Show
Shoulda kept Show babyface on his return. Put the strap on Show and have Edge go nuts for months as he tries to figure out how to get it back.

Career Threatening Match
Hulk Hogan VS. Ric Flair

Fuck you. This would draw. Booked.

Iron Man Match
Shawn Michaels VS. Triple H

Ummm hello? This would rule.

U.S. Title
MVP VS. Floyd Mayweather

Make it a K1-style MMA fight with Boxing gloves... End it in a schmoz I don't care. You need a solid heel to work Mayweather who is a natural heel - to make him look cheer-worthy by comparison. I guess you could put a babyface in this spot - but that makes NO sense to me psychology wise.

IC Title
Jeff Hardy VS. Y2J

Y2J sucks. I hate him. Give him the title. He needs something to do, and right now Jeff's run as champ as been a collosal disaster - yet his main event push has been a success.

Batista VS. Kennedy VS. Umaga VS. CM Punk VS. Santino VS. Kane VS. Shelton VS. Matt Hardy
You've got to have guys who you can BELIEVE as Heavyweight champions in this match ... hence the inclusion of Batista for the marks. Umaga would fuckin RULE in this match ... Matt Hardy and Punk fill the roles of the uber face trying to break through. Kane needs a spot - so toss him in here. Santino has a good showing but doesn't win cuz it'll piss Dan-e-o off. Uuuuuuumaaaaga over! He deserves it after taking EVERY fuckin finisher at No Way Out... and cuz, you know... he's awesome.

Finlay VS. JBL

Fight Fight Fight Fight!!

Cruiserweight Tournamanet
Run the first few rounds of this on "Raw" and "SmackDown!"

Semi Finals: London VS. Jimmy Wang Yang
These guys can get all their shit in fast hit a bunch of falseys and make you care about the eventual winner.

Semi Finals: Spanky VS. Super Crazzy
I've always wanted to see them go at it - i'd give them twice as long as Wang and London ... Emphasis on building both these guys. Kendrick over.

Finals: London VS. Spanky
I lean towards Spanky here - but honestly - do you care? Wouldn't this be awesome just to see?

Tag Title Unification
Cade and Murdoch VS. Dreamer and Colin Olsen
Oh ya - I made new champs on each brand PRIOR to 'Mania. I love the idea of seeing Colin and Dreamer doing the pre 'Mania press junket and the mainstreamers lookin at Delaney thinking he's a WWE volunteer, not a tag champ. Priceless.

ECW Title
Chavo VS. Kofi Kingston

Chavo bores me. Fake Jamaic over. Brap!

UPDATE: Okay, I forgot about the phenom... so sue me. I'm adding a SPECIAL match just for him entitled "THE STREAK MUST END".

Taker will wrestle in a gauntlet match against Big Daddy V, Khali and Mark Henry.

22 comments: on "Okay - I'll Book 'Mania Too"

Anonymous said...

NOW THAT sounds like Wrestle Mania to me!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I actually really like that entire card.

Christopher Casúr said...

This is a solid card. One question, though-where's Undertaker?

D.J.B. said...

I had no Michaels you have no Taker, I'm assuming we'd both be fired. Solid card.

I love putting Yumanga over in the MitB, but for me it's just a hard thing to do with his character. I know it's the WWE, but how is some "mindless" savage going to know to cash in a brief-case? My big thing with it though, is that I'd rather see him do some huge spot off the top of the ladder taking out three or four dudes.

BigDaddy said...

Ya fuck Taker ... LOL

Ok let me throw him in....

Check the update

D.J.B. said...

haha, nice booking of Taker. I'd have put him in MitB though. Let it come down to he and Umaga climbing the ladder.

BigDaddy said...

I thought about that
but then - id have to end his streak...

Sir Jimmy said...

Big Daddy sure misses the Cruiserweight Belt. I heard a lot of talk about this belt (more than when it was around)since Vickie took the t-bird away and at first I thought it was asinine too. I never really liked the way the championship was handled to begin with. The potential was always there but, the Women's title had way more prestige. Is it the division we miss or is it thinking about the potential of the division we miss?

The way I look at it once the Ecw/Smackdown gimmick started there was no longer a need to have 6 titles on one brand. Raw has 5 titles so Smackdown/Ecw is one brand with 5 titles.

Andrew Gray posted a story What should be done with Ecw. They did do something with Ecw they made it a Cruiserweight show. Evey since the Mcmahon/Lasley debocile the ECW championship has been used for the smaller guys. (Big Daddy Pee is the exception) Burke,Richards,Morrison,Miz,Skinny CM Punk (Triple H told the truth there) and Chavo are all smaller guys! Tommy Dreamer at 255 a little heavy but still smaller.

The Cuiserweight title is gone because they already have a title for the smaller guys. Yes the potential for a divison is great. I would pay money to see Wang Vs. london or the other match Donnie booked. It would be great if Wrestlemaina was a wrestling show. The fed dosen't do wrestling show anymore. It's all about "Entertainment" now.

Sir Jimmy's Bullet Points...
1. Ecw/Smackdown! is one brand.
2. All the Cuiserweights are in better spots now that the belt is gone.
3. You don't Miss the divison you Miss the potenal division. (Drink the Jimmy-aid it's good)
4. This post has little to do with Donnie's article.

Dan-e-o said...

I was gonna say...I trust that Taker's streak would stay in tact.

BigDaddy said...

Ya until the final part of the gauntlet - when Taker is taken out by a Khali shooting star press.

Then he distracts the ref and Mark Henry comes in with a 450...

Big Daddy V goes with the Fat Frog Splash as Khali uses an O'Connor rollup to take it home and end the streak.

D.J.B. said...

So you're proposing Taker vs. The Drizzling Shits at Mania?

max said...

This is why Donnie IS a booker and DJB wants to be.

D.J.B. said...

You're absolutely right Max. I called it fantasy booking for a reason. It's what I want to see, not really caring about it making money.

max said...

Nobody cares what you want to see you fat ass. The only reason your hillbilly ass has a voice is because for some unknown reason Donnie and Dan decided to let you contribute.The thing that pisses me off is that my submissions keep getting rejected. I'm obviously a better writer than you hillbilly.

Mike Washington said...

Why does everyone shit on DJB? I hardly ever agree with him but he knows his wrestling and he's a good writer.

DJB's like HHH, he gets shit done when it matters but apparently has the best tasting Haterade on the site.

Anonymous said...

Ya fuck all you DJB haters. FIRE Dan-e-o!!

Christopher Casúr said...

Hey Max, you want to prove how great you are? Post an article in reply to this comment. It can be about anything wrestling. A fantasy booking, a commentary, a show review...anything.

Put up or shut up. Let's see how good you really are.

Dan-e-o's hand said...

Next motherfucker who says "Fire Dan-e-o" gets five across the eyes.

Dan-e-o's Balls said...

Fire Dan-e-o

Skitlez said...

For real, get off DJB. There's a reason he's writing for Tha O Show and you're not.

foy said...

Hey Donnie, how about 'Taker just plays a full-on game of "Get Foy" throughout the card? You know he'll go over in the end.

BigDaddy said...

Gawd Damn right.

In fact -- Foy -- why don't you come out to the next LLW event on March 22nd... I'll give you a mic in the ring to generate some legit Johnny Fairplay "We hate you heat", and then teach all the wrestlers how to play GET FOY.

I know that NOBODY else knows what we're talkin about ... but like Notorious T.I.D. says "comedy for one is still comedy".