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Talkin' Smack

I'm officially wondering where the hell Vinnie Mac is going with this whole "I'll tell the fans what they want" bit. At first I was certain it was a gimmick to usher in a more fan friendly era of the E. I was certain that the Rosie bit had finally opened Vince's eyes to what the fans truly wanted. Now I'm beginning to think I was wrong. Just what the hell is Vince trying to prove other than that he's a heel. Donald Trump is the babyface. Yeah...we get that.

Last night, "Smackdown!" ended in a "Raw" type segment with four of the top E stars from both brands facing off in the ring during a some what momentous occasion. Enter Vince McMahon. At this point I was certain we would be treated to a Michaels VS. Taker match at No Way Out. Vince was going to up the ante and make it a "Hell in the Cell" match! Once again, I was wrong. Instead we are treated to a tag team match involving John Cena and Batista. I understand the logic of the booking. We are all supposed to remain wondering what the main event for Mania will be, but what happened to what the fans want?

It's simple. The fans want Michaels VS. Taker. They want either one of these men to go on and defeat John Cena at Mania. Are we going to get what we want? It certainly doesn't appear that way. I hope I'm wrong. I hope I'm being worked. Regardless of what some of us may believe, Vince is still very able to that. Though it seems it's been a very long time since he has. In fact, the first thing that comes to mind is the infamous Corporate Ministry swerve where he revealed himself as the "Higher Power".

Moving on. "SmackDown!" continues to deliver the types of matches I'm interested in watching. Benoit VS. Finlay for the U.S. title will never get old for me. These two guys typify the "SmackDown!" style in my opinion. It's like JBL says. No glitz, no glamour, no fancy moves. These two guys just go out and WRESTLE. They beat the hell out of people and make you believe. Hats off to guys like Benoit, Finlay, JBL, William Regal, Booker T, London, Kendrick, and Michael Hayes's vision for making "SmackDown!" the A Show once again. I'm not even going to mention the Boogeyman bit other than saying that I got big points out of Little Bastard for the WWE Fantasy Game this week. In your face , Chloe!

Whether you like the gimmick or not, Deuce and Domino are impressing me more every week. These guys are young, charasmatic, and entertaining. Not to mention one of them is Jimmy Snuka's son. I expect big things for these guys. If the E plays their cards right, I could see these guys get over as babyfaces in the near future. I also popped for JBL's mention of the "Golden Age of Tag Team Wrestling". JBl gets it. Please Vince, make this guy head writer some day. Who would have ever guessed that Bradshaw of the APA was one of us? Not I.

I'm keeping the article short and simple this week. I decided to discuss things I took away from the program rather than dissecting each match and segment individually. We all watched it (or should have). I don't really see the need in telling you that it sucks that Miz shmoz'ed Matt Hardy or how it was cool that Kennedy destroyed Vito. Anyway, let me know how you like the new format. Feedback is always more than appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Metal God Capt. said...

I hated Smackdown! when Khali and Boogeyman were on every week. I didn't even like Carlito at the beginning. Now its really proving itself to be the "it" show with a more old-school mentality.

While Vince MAY be going somewhere with this thing I can't help but think it's just him telling all the smarks to stick it. I don't think the fans necessarily want HBK or Taker to beat Cena specifically, they just want to see either of them as champ, the two most over guys in the company. I hope its still Cena/HBK and Taker/Batista, because the pairing just feel more right.

As for Deuce and Domino, regardless of their talent and potential, is it really a good idea to have them go over the tag champs in only their 3rd match? The E has this awful habit of pushing tag teams too fast (of course, when you don't have many, your options are limited). I'm just mad as hell that right at the time the fantasy league started, Regal and Taylor's pushed stopped dead in it's tracks - he's the only guy not makign me points!

Forgive me for talking so much \m/

fallen0ne said...

Taker/HBK HIC II, superkick off the top of the cage. Nuff said!

Anonymous said...

Its funny and sad how in both TNA and WWE, fans want a certain match and the respective company is refusing to give it to them.

People want HBK/Taker and Sting/Angle, neither are happening.

Both companies seem to be missing the boat on these "legend vs legend" type matches.

Mind you, my hunch tells me neither Undertaker nor HBK want to job to eachother, thus making it hard to put the match together.

D.J.B said...

Angle/Sting, Taker/Michaels would be the TWO money matches of the year in my opinion. One at Slammiversary or BFG, and the other at SummerSlam or Survivor Series. Especially if the latter were the second Hell in a Cell. Though the Cell matches aren't going to deliever like they used to due to the fact that the Cell is bigger and sturdier. Top of the cell spots are probably going to be no more.

I dont see however us getting either of those matches, because apparently neither company can book the IT match. It will probably be Cena/HBK and Taker/Tista just like we're all waiting on at Mania or hey, they could pull the wool over our eyes and have all four men in a title unification match, with Taker going over. Never going to happen but dammit I can dream.

The Baron said...

Ive noticed that longterm title reigns on both Smackdown and Raw seem to involve sort of a yearly theme.

This year was obviously the year of the overhyped musclehead with the domination of Cena, Roid-tista, and Lashley.

Before that was the reign of the middlesized veterans who fricken deserve it. (I am of course talking about Benoit and Guerrero)

And before that seemed to be marked with tri-initialed heel champions, HHH on Raw and JBL on Smackdown.

Could 2007 be the year of the legend?
Michaels on Raw and Undertaker on Smackdown?

Or, being the huge Taker mark that I am... have Undertaker become the first WWECWCW unified champion?

Tim Haught said...

Haha, I love the idea of a unified title called the WWECWCW title. It's so wonderfully absurd.

The question is does the e stand for entertainment or extreme? Does third w stand for wrestling or world?

I personally prefer the World Wrestling Extreme Championship World Championship Wrestling Title. Haha, if you call it a World Championship rather than a title it's even better. The World Wrestling Extreme Championship World Championship Wrestling World Championship. I give it a 10!