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Raw Is Awesome!

Both WrestleMania main events are now set, 2 months in advance! WWE generally produces their best television in the months leading up to WrestleMania and last night was no exception.

For the first time in a long time, all three brands feel fresh and have a new sense of direction. It is also no coincidence that the strong television is being written around a strong world title, or group of world titles in this case. There are no stupid angles, no ridiculous storylines, just a group of men that each want to be the world champion. When the title is the focal point of the show, fans buy into feuds much more. TNA really needs to pay attention.

"Raw" began however with a minor "NO". The Undertaker announcing his opponent for WrestleMania should not have been so rushed, he didn't even cut a promo. To me it felt slightly anti-climactic, but Undertaker does now have 8 weeks to cut promos on "SmackDown!".

Speaking of promos, how about that Ric Flair.

In the best promo so far in 2007, Ric Flair did as close to a shoot promo on Carlito as you can get. Carlito has been recently gaining the reputation as being lazy and only performing at a high level when he's in with a strong opponent. Whether this leads to Carlito turning heel and facing Flair at WrestleMania is unclear. To me, Flair needs to face another legend in such a large event. He needs to face someone of near equal ability on the microphone. If I was booking, it would be;

Ric Flair versus JBL. Worth it for the promos alone.

The burial of the ECW originals continued this week with Balls Mahoney getting squashed by Umaga. It looks as if this feud between the ECW "originals" and the "new blood" could potentially lead to several more WWE releases. Sabu, Balls Mahoney and Sandman have been on thin ice for the last few months and I don't like their chances of being employed by WWE after this feud has run its course.

I found it a bit strange for Melina and Mickie James to have a title match right after we just saw them act as managers in the segment before. It seems this division has been placed on a lower-priority level since Trish left and little thought is being put into their segments.

Mickie and Melina do have legit heat between each other dating back to their days in Ohio Valley Wrestling and watching them have a sloppy match shows how much heat there still is. They seemed to be out of position on a few spots which is usually a sign of trying to make your opponent's offense look bad, even though the whole match will suffer.

The tag-team titles need to be placed around the waists of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas immediately. Matches between the two teams have no meaning if the titles are not the focal point. Not that I haven't liked Shelton Benjamin's promos about negative Black stereotypes, but it's hard not to laugh when his tag-team partner is sporting corn rolls.

However the most ridiculous hair comes courtesy of Jerry "The King" Lawler. That was the ugliest hairpiece I have ever seen on a man. As if his commentary wasn't ugly enough, he now sees fit to make his hair match.

Unfortunately, I don't have the scores for "Tha O League" at this time, but we will be posting them later on today.

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BigDaddy said...

Tha O League Standings So Far...

1 Team_Rated_RKO 584
2 Dan-e-o loves Cena 575
3 Tha Hitman 557
4 Team Boudreau 556
5 Sketch 532
6 I love ThaOShow.Com 509
7 Smashin' Masters 2K7 499
8 Methods Of Mayhem 483
9 TheEndustry 483
10 D-Generation Next 469
11 Metal Gods 467
12 Rizo's Roster 463
13 BigDaddyDonnie 459
14 wrestling4life 452
15 Goatbusters 437
16 Kelly's Killers 429
17 The Kickassters 421
18 Dan-e-o 411
19 The O Noes! 400
20 JorJorBynks 392
21 Rapsfan 233
22 Illinois' Finest 85

CuJu1522 said...

Raw was really good tonite. With all 3 brands there for the Undertakers decision.

The thing i couldnt believe was the Flair/Carlito segment. I was in shock. Because we have all read over the net that Carlito is a lazy worker when he isnt in the ring with a superstar, or when he is in a storyline that he doesnt like. Well after that, in my mind, 100% shoot on Carlito, Lets hope he wakes up and smells the coffee now. I think Carlito is GREAT, he can be WWE Champion one day, BUT, not as a face. He is horrible as a face. And is one of the best heels in the business. When was the last time he spit apple in someones face? So lets hope he does turn heel after that shoot on him.

Kenny is really good with a bright future. Dont know why they let him wrestle the ECW champ tho, i didnt like that. He should have a IC title run somewhere later on in the year.

Im happy that they decided to put HBK in the main event. Its the match that would make more sense. I knew HBK was going to win, Orton vs Cena wouldnt draw, and Edge vs Cena has been done many times, & Whoever Edge fights, he WILL win, his undefeated streak at Wrestlemanias will go for a long time in my opinion. However, if HBK wins the gold at Mania....thank god, no more Cena as champ, seems like he has had the belt for 5 years now. I hope he turns heel also, but the odds of that happening are very slim.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing to see how Michaels can't do half of what he used to in 1996, but can still have great matches.

He is among the best storytellers in the ring, he can play the underdog well through great facials and selling. Truly the hallmark of a legendary worker.

Signguy_shooter said...

Last night's RAW was very good, one of the better in along time hopefully this will countine up to WM 23. Having all 3 champs and the Undertaker there made it feel really special. The main event at No Way Out should be intersting and the match might turn out better then the main event at WM 23.

Ben Boudreau said...

Great shoot style promo on Carlito by Flair. But I have to wonder. What was the purpose of it? To humiliate Carlito? To motivate him? To nod to the smarks that the E knows we're out there? To turn Carlito? I don't get it, but I loved it!