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Kip James Shoots!

Kip James conducted an interview with recently, that may very well lead to a ton of heat, or end his TNA run all together.

To give you an idea of how this interview played out. Kip stated in no uncertain terms that he would "leave TNA in a heartbeat" if WWE offered him enough money. He mentioned that he left WWE on good terms and was just victim of management wanting to refresh the locker room.

When asked about Cena using a version of Kip’s Fame-Asser at the Rumble, Kip stated that Cena steals a lot of stuff, but its okay because Cena "is limited."

You think that's cold? Keep reading...

He talked about how most of the Voodoo Kin Mafia material has not been written by Vince Russo, but has in fact come from himself and BG James.

He stated that Vince McMahon's ego will not allow himself to comment on VKM on WWE TV. Kip went on to say that McMahon probably "loves" the angle since it was his original idea when they did it with DX and WCW.

When asked about TNA’s staple, the X Division, Kip said "When you've seen one X Division match you have seen them all."

Kip talked about how wrestling has gotten away from soap opera-like cliffhangers that make people want to watch your show the following week. He followed that by saying something that has been said on this site many times before: TNA gives the fans too much in one hour and they are not leaving the fans wanting more the following week.

OK, you want some real heat seeking?

Kip says TNA is “wasting” Bobby Roode. He echoed my comments from our interview with Roode, that he is going to be a HUGE star. James however feels that Roode will not reach superstar status in TNA because "they don't know how" [to properly push a talent].

At that point, The former King Of The Ring joked that he is probably going to get fired tomorrow at the TNA tapings for what he said in this interview.

Kip admitted to having legit heat with former WWE talent Rico Constantino (who was Kip’s manager for a short time on “SmackDown!”)

Kip showed his old school colours, saying “women have no place in the wrestling ring”. He did put over Miss Texas (Jacqueline) and Luna Vachon as the only two that could wrestle like men. Kip continued on to say he didn't like Lita. When asked about the women in TNA forming their own division, he replied bluntly. He said putting the "ugly ass" girls of TNA into a new women's division would be a big waste of TNA's already limited time.

Kip says the addition of Kurt Angle to TNA is a good thing for TNA. The hosts mention the upcoming "all WWE main event" of the TNA PPV and Kip said he really doesn't want to see it and that he will probably drive home before the match even starts. Kip said he doesn't even remember when the next TNA PPV is taking place.

Kudos to the guys at Showdown for pulling this out…

I’m personally surprised that a veteran would be so casual with his bluntness to a global audience. He’s either working everyone, has no fear of being fired, or WANTS to be fired.

Similar comments a couple years back led to Kid Kash being canned by TNA. Shortly thereafter he turned up in OVW and then on “SmackDown!”

Time will tell what Kip James’ agenda was.

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RadioFreeG said...

ThaOShow always brings the heat! Whatever name this "Kip James" goes by, and whatever smarks think of him, he has had a long career. He has done quite a lot with quite a little, and he is still working doing what many would kill to do. He is saying all these things for a reason, and it could very well be he wants to be let go. I wait to see the next promotion that pays this guy for doing nothing of substance. He is the epitome of the Mid-Lifer="Midcard for Life".

Ben Boudreau said...

Kip James' attitude is nearly as bad as his "talent". I've always thought Mr. Ass was vastly overrated and a backstabbing sh*t talker. No surprises here. The only thing he got right was the Bobby Roode thing. I would love nothing more for Monty Sopp to drop off television altogether. He can take Road Dogg with him.

The Hitman said...

Kip James ran his mouth too much for the WWE to want him back. Triple H has at least some sort of political pull backstage since he's married to Stephanie. I don't think he wants to bring back someone who publicly threatened to "punch him right in the mouth" the next time he sees him.

If he had been a big draw and was main eventing during his first run of the WWE, it might be a different story. But he was a mediocre midcard wrestler who only got over because he latched on to Road Dogg and then D-X.

BigDaddy said...

I will never say a bad word about a guy who conducts himself this way.

I don't care if it's Kip James, Barry Bonds or Charles Barkley.

In professional sports / entertainment we slag guys for kayfabing us and giving bullshit answers. Then, when a guy is INCREDIBLY straight forward and blunt, he gets slagged for his attitude.

True, he's probably lookin at some form of punishment from TNA - but as far as I'm concerned ... as a member of the media, I love what he's giving us.

The Hitman said...

No doubt, it's gonna be entertaining to see how this all unfolds. I just think that it probably was not a good move on his part from a business standpoint, since dirt sheets have more or less stated bluntly that WWE lost interest in possibly bringing him back because of his comment about Triple H.

Out of everything he said, the comment about the women's division may be what ultimately costs him his job. If TNA is actually going to attempt to have a women's division, comments like that may bury it before it gets off of the ground.

Tim Haught said...

It'd be different if Billy Gunn had done ANYTHING worthwhile. I mean, he calls Cena limited, but Cena is making a lot of money as the WWE Champion. WWE tried to put Gunn on that level many times, but no matter what they did, he couldn't connect with fans on that level. Had he gotten further than the stigma of being the "best natural athlete in the WWE" (which was total bullshit by the way) and actually became something important, WWE would probably bring him back just to have Triple H bury him, but the fact of the mater is: a Billy Gunn/Triple H program does more to elevate Gunn than it does to appease the ego of Triple H.

The most that this accomplishes is either getting Gunn's ass fired from TNA or exposing TNA management as being totally soft.

I am hoping he gets fired to put an end to the horrific VKM and wrestling women's suffrage stuff. Kip's attitude in this program is like 1930's. Yet he's supposed to be this cutting edge controversial guy.

He comes off to me as a whiny bigot. Hopefully he saved his Smokin Gunns, New Age Outlaws, Billy and Chuck money, and he can go off and retire somewhere with Lex Luger and together they can pad each other's egos.

Ben Boudreau said...

Controversy doesn't necessarily create cash. I think Kip is about to find that out. Good riddance.

The Hitman said...

He should have kicked Stan if he wanted to create controversy.

For anyone who doesn't understand this joke, it's from a D-X promo at Cyber Sunday.

yawn mackaels said...

hey hitman: unlike vkm, 'it may not be controversial, but it sure is funny...' :)
eh monty white sucks. he just has to learn to live w/ it.
mike sharp's wrist gauntlet has 10x more draw than assman and roadie put together.

BigDaddy said...


That was Shawn Spears baby!
One of Ontario's finest...