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Deeply Discussing Dexter

I would like to take this opportunity to rant. I just wanna say that if you're one of the retards that I've talked to tonight that says the finale was "stupid" or "uneventful", you can eat a bag of cock. Frank cock. This finale is exactly why I like 'Dexter'. I was praying for the show to not stoop to the level of trying to top last season's finale and apparently Dexter was wrong, wishes DO come true. No highspots needed. A bunch of false finishes and a time limit draw is perfectly acceptable.

Think 'Taker/Michaels at WrestleMania, they made the mistake of booking the exact same match 2 years in a row. When you do something right, stop doing it. If you try to recreate it all you end up doing is fucking up the second time by comparison and devaluing the first time. I'm glad 'Dexter' realized this and didn't go for the crazy ending that left Metro Dade yellow taping another crime scene. Even if it means my Batista death prediction didn't pan out.

The fact that the show was able to leave so many possibilities open (ie. Carlos Fuentes still being alive, Deb being so close to knowing about Dexter, Quinn also suspecting Dexter, the Nanny being evil, etc.) and letting the viewer's imagination run wild with actual legitimate theories as to where the story twists and turns and not taking any of those routes, but staying on the straightforward path while managing to do it in an intriguing, suspenseful and obvious yet unpredictable way is amazing.

That's not to say that I believe it was the best possible ending to the season they could have written, but it was an intense hour that I don't regret spending legit biting my nails. I absolutely loved some of the things they did tonight. I'm so glad that Lumen leaving invoked such a reaction from Dex since she was exactly what Dexter has been looking for since Harry died: someone to wholly connect with and confide in. And even further, I liked that he was so close to tears but was still 'emotionless' enough that a tear never dropped. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't believe Dexter ever cried over Rita so him not crying over Lumen's departure also shows us how much Rita --even though he was never able to tell her about his dark passenger-- meant to him.

Another thing that was extremely well done was Deb's failure to apprehend the 'vigilantes'. The whole season we've been thrown hints that Deb and Dex have so much in common and they have the same beliefs when it comes to certain people deserving to die and we've all --even if just for a minute-- thought that Deb would somehow find out about Dexter this week. Having Deb walk in on Dexter and Lumen cleaning Dexter's knives probably elicited an "I KNEW IT! OH MY GOD I FUCKING KNEW IT!" from the mouth of every Dexterian out there. Though Deb knowing about Dexter would provide some interesting scenarios I think it's better that Dexter limits his list of people 'who know'.

Quinn knowing however is highly intriguing to me. Quinn knows enough that he can be pretty sure it was Dexter that killed Robocop but not enough to have Dex locked up so I'm not sure what to predict here. I like that Quinn wasn't 'Doakes-ed' and now there are so many ways that this can play out. I'm not sure how much I like the idea of Quinn running around knowing Dexter's secret all of next season so I'm gonna predict that Mr. Harrington is future endeavored by the end of season 6.

So Osters I hope everyone liked the finale as much as I did and if you didn't, watch it again. And if you're still shitting on it after that then fuck you, go watch Prison Break. And as always feel free hit up the comments section with anything you think I missed, theories about next season or shit all over everything I just O'ed for.

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Dan-e-o said...


A big "O" to all of your "Dexter" articles this season. I'd say more but you summed it up in this piece.

The show definitely has great ways of throwing curve balls and allowing Dexter to just barely, narrowly escape capture, albeit not unscathed.

With that, I mean, that there is greater threat to Dexter being found out in the coming season. So there is some nice strings attached to this season's finale. Trying to outdo last season's finale would have brought the show to the land of "too much" too quickly.

That being said though, I actually do have to be fair and comment on the show's ability to John Cena the Dexter character.

I mean dude was in a fucked up accident. Can't the nigga at least limp to his son's birthday party with a "tripped down the stairs" excuse or something?

If I have ANY criticism about this show is that some of Dexter's obstacles are overcome just a BIT too easily. I was in an accident this year and know that the one Dex was one isn't something easy to overcome.

Either way, here's to season six...Fronte still sucks dicks.

adam said...

I am mixed bout this finale, It was pretty good but I was hoping that there be something left, i.e. Quinn and the blood on his shoe, to lead into season 6. It is still tied with season 4 as the best seasons of Dexter.

Side note, Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter, the chick who plays Deb, are gettin a divorce. Wonder how this will play out for Deb's character next season.

Hipnosis said...

all I gotta say is Dexter is the good I missed RAW tonight because MIZ is a Miz-stake.

Fuck Frank "Faggot" Fucking Fronte

Fuck Fronte Club said...

Fuck Fronte!

Victor Wildcat said...

Dan: I do have to agree that John Cena and Dexter have similar superpowers. Car accidents don't phase either one of them. Or when Boyd Fowler tranq'ed him and he just gets up and peaces right out of the hospital. Dude's been stabbed, shot, crashed up and everything and he does Cenaficate his way outta things sometimes but I can deal with it because the writing at least makes sense.

Adam: I also have to agree that I would have liked SOMETHING to carry over. I suppose we have Quinn suspecting Dexter of killing Robocop. It seems like he's cool with it, but I don't think that he's safe next season.


I don't think that Dexter is Cena-ed. We should remember that Dexter has the Dark Passenger guiding him. It seem to protect him not only instinctively but maybe it gives him additional strength as well.

Plus the crash may have been a part of the plan hence allowing Dexter to brace himself for the impact.
After all he knew that Jordan Chase was expecting him and the crash did make Jordan let down his guard big time.

An excellent season start to from start to finish - LONG LIVE DEXTER!

Hipnosis said...

I just realized something....

....what about the Trinity case?...what about "Kyle Butler"?


M.F. said...

Mark my words, here's my hope-iction...

Season 6 splits back/forth between 2 different storylines. One storyline follows dexter in his day-to-day, showing him raising Harrison, dealing with trying not to get caught, etc.

The 2nd storyline jumps forward 10-20 years, has different actors playing Dex and rita, and follows Harrison as a young adult, and dealing with his past similar to Dexter in season 1. He's scarred from what he saw as a baby, and is just beginning to realize it as an adult.

This works similarly to how the movie "Godfather 2" was structured, with Deniro playing a young Don Corleone and Pacino playing Michael 20-30 years later. The reason I see them doing this is because they really left no loose ends at the end of the season. That makes me think they show something completely different next season.