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Rated O Radio - Episode 56

Tha O Show RadioWe're back! This week, no in-studio guests, no gimmicks and no bullshit! Oops, we take that back! No swearing either!

Why, you ask? Listen in and check out the challenge that's laid down as Big Daddy Donnie, your bro Dan-e-o and Fatty Fronte discuss pro wrestling, MMA, hockey, the definition of a "gay" act, women who say they're good in bed, and pretty much anything else that comes to mind on your favourite internet radio program.

It's O time baby!

On this week's show...

Tha "O's And NO's".

Pro wrestler and former UFC fighter, Geza Kalman Jr. calls in to discuss Fatty's first week of professional wrestling training... Geza is one of the people currently training Fatty .. so we ask the question: "Just how bad is he?".

Tha crew delves a little heavier into WrestleMania XXIV talks this week. Are they finally catching 'Mania fever?

No episode of "Tha Pit Stop" this week as The Notorious T.I.D. basks in the Mexican sun. But that doesn't stop the boys from a discussion about the goings-on in the world of mixed martial arts. Among the talks: What is next for Anderson Silva?

It was an interesting past couple of days for members of Tha O Show family. As a result, a special triple dose of "Road Stories" ensues!

And joining the crew for this week's installment of "Tha Round Table", Ontario Indy Superstar and current #1 Contender for the LLW Heavyweight Championship, Irish Jake O'Reilly!

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28 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 56"

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


BRoqq said...

Hey Anonymous, did you know that we can (and will) delete your stupid off topic comments? If "you been" in the business for 20 years, then why not start up your own bitter little blog and we'll all (not) go and read your inane rantings.

Or grab yourself a set of stones, man up, drop Dan and Donnie a line, and let them interview you.

If you're too cowardly to tell everyone who you are, then just fcuk off and go harass another website.

In the meantime I'll be deleting all of your inane dribble.

Anonymous said...

I'm pat patterson and I did not touch all thoose ring boys, just some of them.

Anonymous said...

LOL...Donnie...that's so true...I had chicks that looked beyonce status picture perfect faces and you can never get the stiffas....whereas a fat big titty fat ghetto hood chick..or a milf gets me the stiffahs to the point it wont go down till a triple session..

David said...

Warren Moon is in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Anonymous said...

Warren Moon is but before he was people in Canada were saying that he could have been in based on CFL.

Anonymous said...

Great episode. I love the way you guys switch from insane to real. And I love the talk on bitches who think they know how to treat a man.

Chris Jughead said...

donnie your a premodonna

BigDaddy said...

Yup it's true. But I know how to spell prima donna.

Chris Jughead Clark? Rises from the shadows to toss out a bomb at me? LOL!

if this IS the same Jughead I know, good to hear from ya.

Anonymous said...

Last week was my first time listening. Now I'm hooked!

chris jughead said...

lol same old Donnie, you haven't changed one bit.

I love how you fail to mention me when your glorifying the fact that you supposedly started Internet wrestling radio.

Anonymous said...

Wrestlemania 2000 was overbooked no question (there wasn't a single, singles match on the card) but the 'Mania with the battle royal to determine partners to face tag champs Owen Hart and Jeff Jarret was Wrestlemania 15.

Sorry heard you guys talking about it on the show and thought I'd correct it since I didn't hear it corrected.... so there...

BigDaddy said...

Pardon me?
Notorious T.I.D. and I started this whole thing 11 years ago. Nice try chubs.

Anonymous said...

do you think its possible to have another week with the swear jar? it was so funny and it felt so nostalgic to the first couple of episodes. which was nice. no ti..d also made it feel old and good.

cant wait for the next one!

Mikey said...

I loved the show but i really missed Tid. He looked awesome last night at LLW. Dan-e-o was great too. Amazing heel that we loved to hate. It was also my first time seeing Rico Montana wrestle and he's awesome. Thanks guys.

chris jughead said...

Hey, donnie you take alot of subliminal shots week after week, why not meet us all down at McGrady's next week for raw. You can say what you want in person. That is if you got the testicular fortitude. Bring the midget with the dreads for your back up lol...

Dan-e-o said...

Hey Jughead,

I don't know who you are...and there's an obvious reason for that.

Now you taking shots at me when you have the audacity to call Donnie out for doing the same to you.

Keep my muhfuckin' name out your mouth and I'll keep my dick out of your mom.

Punk bitch.

chris jughead said...

Of course you know who I am. I'm the reason your doing internet radio my friend. If it wasn't for our work on Live Audio Wrestling, Tha O Show would never exist. Week after week you guys take shots at The Law and I'm a part of the Law legacy and all I'm saying is if you guys got something to say come down to O Gradys tap and grill on College for next weeks Raw.

Jeff, Jhon, and Dan put you guys on the map.

Dante Ross said...

And after that meet me at McDonald's for a delicious McSkillet with extra chipotle sauce. It'll be on like Donkey Kong!

Great show, by the way.

BigDaddy said...

Jughead - you're an idiot. I have NEVER said anything about The Law that wasn't a 100% shoot. Sorry if the truth hurts.

John Dan and Jeff put it on the map?

None of those guys were AROUND when The Law started ass clown. Of that list ... only Jeff was a part of the team that transitioned from internet only to radio.

You, Mr. Jughead - were nothing more than a hanger on. A guy who copy and pasted news for the site. One of those guys who likes to pipe up in the background and act like you are a part of something.

You weren't a part of shit. You're trying to protect a legacy you aren't even part of. To say you started all this is the funniest thing i've read in a while. I appreish.

Wrestling radio on the internet started with me, Notorious T.I.D. and George Strombolopolous as the producer. Jeff didn't join the product until part way through year 2.

It's cute that you decided to squeeze a plug for your little O'Grady's gimmick in here. If you think for a half second that I'm intimidated by any of you, you're insane.

But by all means - you're ALL invited to attend our next LLW event on April 19th. I'll even put you on my guest list and reserve a row of ringside seats.

FYI - my email is Nobody cares about your public crying ...

Ontario Mark said...

I don't know any of the history, but this Jughead is trying to put himself over on the website of a competitor. Even if Donnie makes jokes about The Law on Tha O Show, I can only remember 1 or 2 and ive heard every show , he doesnt go on their site and trash anyone personally or make threats.

D.J.B. said...

Great show guys. The swear jar is one of the funniest ideas in a long time. The best about it was you knew when someone was about to let one rip and you could almost hear the hesitation, sometimes you could. I love how Fronte just let em rip one after another. Great show, great road stories.

Dudes watching? NO! Chicks watching, line em bitches up.

Above The LAW said...

haha nothing like some good old fashioned heat!


Laughable Ass Wankers said...


Apparently some bitches harbour grudges because they were nothing then and are nothing now. Sorry jughead, you aint shit. None of us have heard of you, or if we have none of us give a shit about you.

If you would kindly go die somewhere we'd all be very appreciative. The funniest part of this is you started this from nothing to get yourself some attention.

You're 15 minutes of fame are over sunshine. Fuck off.

markus k fabian said...

I remember the law from the early days. And there was no fuckin jughead or dan lobranksy or jason or john.

There was a clip in the intro that donnie and tid used to use when they went to commercial. it was from judge dred when stalone said I AM THE LAW. donnie and tid WERE the law and you jughead are a jock sniffer.

LuFisto said...

Taking a walk on Benoit Boulevard...


D.J.B. said...

Taking a walk on Benoit boulevard. I tried to not think that was funny, but it was. I laughed my ass off and I even used it in relation to a situation close to me.

Since I already donated $10 I have two free swears:
Fuck Jughead, what a fag