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Rated O Radio - Episode 55

Tha O Show RadioJokes galore!! If you're looking to bust a gut, you've come to the right place. Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o have returned, yet again, with another side-splitting edition of the show that makes you say "O"!

Let the hilarity ensue! Back this week is the resident chubbster, Fatty Fronte. And re-joining the team to get in on all the shits and giggles, is NORTH AMERICAN indy wrestling superstar, Hayden Avery.

It's a good time folks. Ready to join in on the fun?

On this week's show...

Tha "O's And NO's" of course!

Tha crew recaps this past weekend's TNA Destination X pay-per-view.

The Notorious T.I.D. zooms by for "Tha Pit Stop" to break down the world of MMA like no one else can. Discussed this week: Elite XC, Ken Shamrock, Kimbo Slice and as usual, whatever the hell else Tid wants!

And yet another incredible class is taught by your teacher Textbook Tyson Dux. This week in "Tha Classroom", Mr. Dux breaks down a 1997 WCW Nitro match between the late, great Eddie Guerrero and Ultimo Dragon. Be sure to have your pens and paper ready students...and take notes. Cuz it ain't all good!

Watch the match here:

Eddie Guerrero VS. Ultimo Dragon

And just when you thought the segment was long gone, "Road Stories" makes a comeback with the current LLW Heavyweight Champion, "Dangerboy" Derek Wylde as our guest storyteller.

Speaking of comebacks, after seeing him on this week's episode of "Raw", we couldn't help but call up the Hall of Famer, The Iron Sheik to find out, after a long layoff, exactly "What's Sheiky Doin'?"!!

And, of course, Hayden Avery sticks around for "Tha Round Table".

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24 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 55"

miss mary young said...

I just finished listening to the whole show. This is only my second time listening and I am hooked!!! Where can I hear more?
You guys are naturally funny.

The Brick Walker thing is sooo funny.

Fatty painted like a panda is almost funny enough for me to drive to Toronto from Houston.

Anonymous said...

N***** dont knowe kayfabe!!!

Anonymous said...

This was my fav episode yet.
soooo many Os!

love the new MK fx

Anonymous said...

Great job!!! Funny stuff! i love Hayden!

srr said...

niggas dont know about kayfabe.

haha good shit my nigga dan-e-o

also i know its stupid. but when you did the karen angle son gimmick
" is it dan-e-o". shit had me dying while i was on the subway coming from work. i go mad heads looking at me. good shit keep it up

Anonymous said...

Im da same as srr. mad shitt makes me laf dats not even jokes. jus random shitt u spitt.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Donnie!!!

Joe Lockhart
Ottawa Wrestling Report

Anonymous said...

Yo man dem kno niggaz dun no keyfabe

cheryl said...

I love Tyson's segment and i LOVE donnie's Bret Hart impression!! hhaha

Dante Ross said...

I dont know what you all had for breakfast, but this one one of the funniest shows ever! I loved Donnie shooting on Jeff Hardy.

Tyson Dux is a great teacher. I had seen the Eddie/Ultimo match years ago and watching again with his commentary made me look at it in a new way.

I have a feeling that Dan-E-O is badder than he seems. I wont try and fuck with him, I dont care how tall he is. Dont fuck with Jamaicans or their families.

Again, TiD was awesome. Goddamn it if he wasnt on point about that Ken Shamrock match. He got knock out by the idea of being punched.

I got a feeling that Fatty is gonna get the eye of the tiget or some shit and actually do well for the WWF run.!

Skitlez said...

This ep was the dan-e-O show. You were on point today.

"N***as don't know about kayfabe"

L-O fucking-L

And I agree with Donnie, Jeff Hardy is a fucking retard. He needs to be shoot ass beat by JBL or somethin'.

Yo, Brick Walker was awesome too. Dan-e-o actually pulled off looking hardcore pretty well but Jesus dude, you're like 4 feet tall.

"Knox Knox!" that was funny.

Anonymous said...

did hayden have a beard and black clothes on? i think i saw him on the 26 bus going to islington station....i think he was actually going to meet up with yall on wed for thaoshow taping...this was around 4-5-ish

BigDaddy said...

No Hayden drove to the studio. And he's clean shaven. Next time you see his twin let us know. Hippy could use a tag partner when Deaner drops his ass.

Anonymous said...

yo donnie, hat happened to chop fest trivia?

it should be amongst yourself, frank, and danny.

The guest wrestler or smark should give the questions and loser gets the chops!

and make the segement theme song ...a clip of fatty getting that wedgie and chopped...

cmon man! I'll buy some evo!

mk: "kayfaaaaaaaabe"

Anonymous said...

This shit was insane. My first time listening and not my last

D.J.B. said...

Awesome show. These Niggaz don't know kayfabe...but ours DO!

Tyson Dux speaks nothin but the truth! I've went back listened to his segment and watched the matches simultaneously, and I swear to you, I've learned more from Dux than I did from all the other guys I've learned from.

Donnie+Bret Hart impression=Comedic GOLD!!!!!

Yeah I donated $10 to Fatty's cause. Because I did that though dammit, I WANT PICTURES! Put the bastard in a shirt, body paint doesn't cover man-tits adequately enough.

Anonymous said...

thats kinda gay....just because daneo can use the n word...dont mean all you cracker clowns can use easy dude...thats some disrespectful cannot use that word...just cause you gotta co sign from your "black" friend...dont mean other black dudes will give u a ease off with that homo shit and keep it moving...

Anonymous said...

p.s. the last thing we need is a bunch of dirty white kid marks using the n word...i hope new jack was in studio to fuck ur shit up for that...

Anonymous said...

what theres no reason for people to get mad at that. and dont act like white marks with no black friends dont say nigga.

Anonymous said...

ok its ok...lets all say nigga

Anonymous said...

It's hilarious how everyone feels the Shiekh stiffed the promoter when he came up here. The fact is the promoter didn't have the funds which he promised the shiekh and the medicine he promised aswell. Hell nobody on the under card got paid aswell. Sheikh is always a class act if you respect him and dont be a snake.

PFK said...

Edge was injured during the whole Signature Pharmacy thing.

I believe he was docked 30 days pay.

MutaBusa said...

I enjoy what Tyson Dux has to say during his Classroom segment. Upping the workrate is always a good thing, and Tyson always brings up valid points I agree with.

However Tyson seem to have a favorite transition/interjection, to which I have invented the Tyson Dux drinking game.

Every time Tyson says the word "now" during the Classroom, DRINK! Drink count for episode 55 I had at 13.

BigDaddy said...

I'm cracka ass cracka. And all I did was repeat the line that your bro Dan-e-o tossed out.

Back to cracka things now... like smackin a straight guy on the ass after he hits a homerun or eating Kraft Dinner.