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Rated O Radio - Episode 54

Tha O Show RadioWhat a week in the world of O! After nearly losing one of our founders to a crazy car accident, we at Tha O Show have never been more pleased to bring you another episode of your favourite internet radio program.

And this week, we've trimmed the fat! Literally. Fatty Fronte takes the week off and instead Big Daddy Donnie and Dan-e-o upgrade the team with the return of a Mexican superstar to the studio: Rico Montana!

Buckle up! Here come tha O's!

First off, Donnie recounts his near-death experience from this past weekend!

Of course, tha crew then gets into their "O's And NO's" of tha week.

Driving by, as always, for "Tha Pit Stop" is The Notorious T.I.D. who tackles this past weekend's UFC 82 pay-per-view and raises the question: Is Anderson Silva virtually unstoppable?

Tha boys preview this coming weekend's TNA pay-per-view, Destination X. (An event once heralded by tha crew as one that should be titled Destination O!)

This week, class is back in session as Textbook Tyson Dux returns with an incredible lesson in "Tha Classroom". In today's class, he reviews an amazing NWA match from 1984 pitting Ricky Steamboat against Tully Blanchard for the TV title.

Watch the match here:

Steamboat VS. Blanchard Part One

Steamboat VS. Blanchard Part Two

And just when you thought it was safe to be white again, this week's show also features the return of "Tha Black Prophet"!

And we couldn't help it. Tha boys do get Fatty on the phone to reveal an important announcement about our chubby producer's future. What lies ahead in the world of your favourite fat guy?

And, of course, Rico Montana sticks around for "Tha Round Table".

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25 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 54"

Anonymous said...

I didn't think Donnie would do the show this week. Props to you man for bein a pro.

Anonymous said...

new songs is garbage. dan-e-o sucska s rapper but i heard his dope beats, he can do better

Rage said...

You're an idiot. The new theme song is way tougher than the original which i thought was nice still. This thing has a sick beat and wicked flow. Mad respect. Haters are everywhere man.

markus k fabian said...

You know whats garbage?

Every OTHER wrestling show that does the same damn intro. Cheezy pop trax with some sound effects of Wooo and Oh You Didn't Know?

If you're not into the song cool - but to disrespect it and say its garbage is to ignore the unbelievable work and talent behind it.

markus k fabian said...

You know whats garbage?

Every OTHER wrestling show that does the same damn intro. Cheezy pop trax with some sound effects of Wooo and Oh You Didn't Know?

If you're not into the song cool - but to disrespect it and say its garbage is to ignore the unbelievable work and talent behind it.

SikWiDiT said...

I just listened to the theme like 6times. As an aspiring emcee... let me say those lyrics are GRIMEY!! TOO NICE!

LuFisto said...


Maybe you should check who is Portia's new boyfriend! ;)


rage said...


Anonymous said...

I do the CN Tower stair climb every year since 98. Its a 154 flights of stairs. Good luck Fatty.

Anonymous said...

almost 2000 stairs by the way!

BigDaddy said...


Due to OVERWHELMING demand, the
1st Annual Jonathan Chambers Memorial Basketball Tournament is STILL ON, but the venue HAS CHANGED!!!

It is NO LONGER going to be held at Mother Teresa High School.

The event has been moved to Centennial College located in Scarborough On at Markham Road and Progress.

Thanks to ALL of you O-Sters who have offered to donate to the cause!!!

Anonymous said...

Dan-e-o was talkin about Jaamal Magloire's half brother who was shot to death ...

His name was Justin Sheppard - AKA J-Shepp.

Shepp was a personal friend of mine. We played ball together in elementary school. He was a muh better player than Jaamal. He was one of top prospects ever in canada. woulda been in nba right now but he was show dead at age 19 back in 2001.

J-Shepps whol fam includin his moms KNO who killed him but the cops say they aint go no evidence so they cant do fuk anythin. Bull.

Anonymous said...

I've said this before but I love the Tyson Duks segment. Run it every week please! Thank you,

Anonymous said...

can you put a beat under tyson like u did for Black Prophet. I dance while he preech

Skitlez said...

Love Dan's rant on the media. I'm sick of this shit too and you know I see it everyday down here in Detroit.

Dux's segment is awesome. I'm not a worker but I can really appreciate what he's saying. Just the passion in his voice, his attention to detail. I really enjoy that segment. It actually has me wanting to be a worker.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a dick but CN Tower is not the tallest free standing building anymore, it has been over taken by a building in Dubai

Anonymous said...

hey LOVE the show guys...amazing real entertaining...this shit sould be 3 hours...amazing shit guys...

Anonymous said...

hey guys dont ever worry about getting to deep on the show....i love when you guys kick some real words ....its a versatile show and were all wrestling fans....

Anonymous said...

sorry. i stand by my opinion, old theme is better shits more harder. but oh well i aint entitled to my opinion since i hat the show now.

rage said...

u entitled to yer opinion. u like the old one more. cool why u gotta say the new one is garbage?? thats weak

dun said...

rel talk. it got me more hype i heard my nigga big dadd donnie. i heard fuckign fatty fonte. plus its like a guitar riff or something thats the beat, i dont really like it that much.
but enough of that lets agree to disagree or something, since we aint gonna change anything.

Anonymous said...

fuck the blak prophet somebody needs to shut his big mouf

BigDaddy said...

Anonymous... feel free to challenge him on any of his points ... why don't you shut his mouth and disprove what he's sayin with your own intelligent counterpoint?

But then again, you spelled black and mouth wrong, so maybe I'm asking too much.

Dante Ross said...

Fuck, that was a good show! Glad that Donnie didnt get himself killed and showed up and did the damned thing.

The Mayweather feud is gonna go down as a laughing stock. But it will get The E attention from the media and thats all that matters. Right?

I live in LA where gun violence is up like fucking crazy. And like in Canada, they dont give a shit unless its a cute little White girl. That shit sucks and should never be. but thats the wa it is.

Black Prophet seems like he's losing his mind. How can he hate on Big Daddy V? Dude has bigger mammies than Kelly x 2.

Rico is fucking cool. I swear his voice is the shit. Havent seen his matches but I look forward to it. Whats his finisher?

Dan-E, just give up on White chicks. I have discovered that they only want Black dudes that seem like they'd punch them any second. Or they hate their father.

Tyson Dux is great. I am gonna watch that damned match synched with his comments. I may sound like a total douche nozzle, but isnt he the same guy that got hurt by Jindrak? If so, karma is a bitch and Dux is doing more good in a segment than Jindrak did for wrestling.

I think that was the most cheerful I have ever heard TiD. Maybe it was the fact that Fatty wasnt there. By the way, please dont put pics of him in the panda paint. Look at me! I am begging you! You know the reaction I had when Kongs tatas flopped out in that battle royal a few months back? It'll be the opposite of that.

Anonymous said...

Great episode guys! This one had a little bit of everything!!