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Rated O Radio - Episode 53

Tha O Show RadioOne whole year of O-ness, y'all! Welcome to the one year anniversary show!

On March 2, 2007, Tha O Show (Radio Hour...he he) went to the internet "airwaves" for the first time. One year later, we're known throughout the world for making wrestling and MMA fans "O"!!

We'd like to thank ALL O-sters for their support. Whether you're a mark, a smark, a worker or a ring rat(!), we appreciate your listenership. It's only gonna get bigger and better in year two!

Complete with a brand new entrance theme, this week's show includes...

Tha O-riginal cast of Big Daddy Donnie, Dan-e-o and Fatty Fronte taking it back to how it all started and doing the show on their own! (An odd change from the in-studio guest steez of the past couple months).

As always, the "O's And NO's" kick things off but NOT before tha boys reminisce over the past year of Tha O Show.

A number of Ontario Indy Superstars (and members of the extended O Show family) call in to wish tha boys a happy anniversary! Priceless comments from some of the most talented workers's can't miss shit!

Of course, The Notorious T.I.D. hits us up with "Tha Pit Stop" and previews the upcoming UFC 82 event that pits Dan Henderson against Anderson Silva.

Tha boys discuss WWE's biggest event of the year, WrestleMania 24 and the declining impact the show has had over the past few years.

And joining tha crew for "Tha Round Table" is a surprise guest who is no stranger to controversy. A former WCW and WWE Superstar returns to Tha O Show to speak his mind like no one else can. Everyone from Brock Lesnar to Vince McMahon himself get ASSAULTED! Dave Meltzer gets skewered! Any ideas who it is? Listen in and find out!

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25 comments: on "Rated O Radio - Episode 53"

cardinal sinner said...

The new theme song is O--MAZZZZZING!!

resident of 0-town said...

I agree! That new theme is tight!

By the way here's a link to the
new mercedes Donnie was talkin about. It's SCL600

Not only does it not have a steering wheel - it doesn't have pedals either!

Shooter Shammy Shinders said...




rage said...

Who the fuck is Shooter Shammy Shinders? If he's a worker, he's a tool.

Anyways, the SCL600 is said to be a "concept car" but Mercedes is pushing HARD to have it released publicly.

White Thunder said...

Personally about the people wanting to be wrestlers now wanting to go to MMA. I think that's true personally myself I'm at a crossroads myself. From when I was about 5 years old I always wanted to be a wrestler or to do karate or some kind of martial arts. My heros were always Hogan and Bruce Lee. Now with the blow up of MMA and the fact that most tv wrestling is complete shit(which is slowly killing me inside watching it every week), I would rather put all 156% that I have and become a MMA fighter because of the competition and I believe not because MMA is getting so big it's because WWE is so very very shitty is the reason people may go to MMA...Like Kanyon said Vince is killing the business.

Markus K Fabian said...

White Thunder just gave away the surprise! Numb nuts.

Anonymous said...

Wow really really good episode.

Your O's and No's really echoed what Kanyone said. Vince doesn't like wrestling or understand it.

White Thunder said...

O fuck off most people listen to the show first then make a Comment so blow me...

markus k fabian said...

Settle down kid.

Anonymous said...

Peter Prime!!!! hahah Fricken Awesome!

Dan-e-o said...

Actually, the voice of Optimus Prime in both the original cartoons and the new movies is Peter Cullen...a Canadian!!

Anonymous said...

Fricken Awesome!! hahaha

I loved Kanyon calling out Vince as a fag. I believe it. I've never heard any of the "Stories" but would love to. Care to share O Show?????

Anonymous said...

Good show. Is Haly Rogers named really Cat Power? Thats amazing! I thought kanyon was great too. The best part is ever thing he says he sounds so honest.

Anonymous said...

Good show. Is Haly Rogers named really Cat Power? Thats amazing! I thought kanyon was great too. The best part is ever thing he says he sounds so honest.

manic said...

I'd like to say Kanyon's a piece of shit liar because i never cared for him much but i have thought in the past that Dave Meltzer has personal agendas with certain guys and he does seem to pick on Kanyon. I fist discovered you guys after hearing the Bret admitted it was a work to Kanyon on your show.

Shooter Shammy Shinders said...




lui bomb said...

Shooter needs to stay off the gear. It's givin him shammy roid rage.

Kanyone was fantastic! A great guest who should be on regularly!!

Where was Tyson Dux's Wrestling School? I thought it was on this week?

The Pit Stop is "fricken Awesome" just like Porcha says.

The new theme song is sick. Serious. I want that as my ring tone on my phone.

Dan-e-o said...

Thanks O-sters,

In the next week, the mp3s for BOTH the old and new O Show themes will be available for only 89 cents Canadian in my online store!

We'll let you know when they're out!

Anonymous said...

Cat Power is a wicked name. My gf is training to be a worker down here in Memphis. I should tell her to use that name. Lord knows we already have too many "Brandi's" in the south.

plant said...

I never liked Kanyon as a wrestler but I feel that as a fan I relate to the way he feels. Honestly, I don't even watch WWE anymore. Barely TNA. Theyve killed my love. My only way of knowing that wrestlings even on anymore is cuz i religiously listen to this show.

You guys make me love it again.

jeff acker said...

Asylum's call was awesome. I spit up my morning coffee.

I'm sending a dry cleaning bill to tha o show for my pants.

MutaBusa said...

fricken awesome


Fatty kayfabing that he's gonna run a 10k in May.

The not so fricken awesome stoned girls in studio for episode 50.

The "Hayden Avery Remix" of the O Show theme song

Dan-E-O's dream about an MMA divas match in a hotel fountain. WTF?

The shit bowl story.

Fatty 404ing his scripted pick up line on Miss Danya. BOTCHED! fricken awesome.

Donnie being as defensive about his baldness as Dan-E-O is about homosexuality. fricken awesome

The M-K

and the rib about the 450 splash being stolen from Butch (or was it Luke?) of the Bushwhackers?

Skitlez said...

Kanyon is an awesome guest and a good counter to Dan-e-No-Homo.

Dude, new song is fuckin' tight. The instrumental sounds awesome as a bumper too.

I'd say my favorite MemOries other than me marking for myself being mentioned are the "Hayden Avery Remix" of the theme song and the whole weight loss gimmick. Every week that was hilarious. Oh shit, and the New Jack interview too. I've listened to that dozens of times.

Bill the Mark said...

Awesome show this week guys. I am really liking the in-house guests every week but it was a nice treat to have just the original crew for the anniversary. Who's better than 'The Coolest Fag On The Planet'? NOBODY!

e L ausländer said...

great show guys 'n' congrats on the 1 year anniversary, oh ye, fatty really needs sum practice on 'ure sound effects thing